Yay first post! :)

A quick introduction, we’re 2 girls in Singapore, who in the past month or so have been subject to intense mutual enabling with regard to nail polish, facilitated mostly by some of the amazing nail polish blogs out there. (Mostly added to the blogroll on the sidebar!)

The last month has seen new lemming being born almost every moment, a virtual population explosion, and also seen us loading our relatives coming back from the states with many, many polishes, as well as the beginning of the Konad madness. This blog seemed like a natural offshoot. :p

Lianne started off only being interested in cremes, but has since been drawn into the dark side of shimmers and duochromes. Before this recent haulage, she owned about 10 OPI nail polishes, all in pretty much the same shade of dark red. At the moment she’s attracted to all things blue!

Jayme started off never painting her tips because she did not know that tips could stay perfect for more than 2 days. Until very recently, she did not discover the top coat and was under the impression that base coats were just another avenue for nail polish companies to make an extra buck. She has now repented. Prior to above mentioned haul, Jayme owned zero OPI (except for 1 that was a gift from Lianne – a fantastic I’ve Got The Blues For Red) because paying $26 for a bottle of OPI just seemed insane, no matter how amazing the name of the polish is. At the moment she’s attracted to all things Taupe and would like the entire collection of Rescue Beauty Lounge (I’ll pass the glittery ones to Lianne) kthnxbai!

Okay, that should cover it. We hope you enjoy the posts! :)