Oh dear. It has been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been pretty hectic around here, since I last posted there has been:

  • a funeral
  • a wedding (where I was a bridesmaid, hence heavily involved!)
  • family members visiting from overseas (who I haven’t seen in about 10 years!)
  • a horrendous bout of flu (not of the porcine variety)

And apart from all that, I had a horrendous nail break, I went bowling with a couple of my cousins, and my thumb nail ripped off really low, right at the pink. :( It looks terrible! So everything has been filed down, not to match, because that would just hurt, but they’re now at a length at which I can type.

I don’t have any of the really new pics, because my cousin’s taken my camera on her honeymoon so she can take underwater photos, but there are a couple of hurried photos while I was playing around during the wedding prep days! :) Also, the cousin that’s visiting from Australia is suspected of having H1N1 (yes, really), so while we wait for the test results to find out if we’re allowed out, I figured I should post. :p

First up is a quick pic of Barielle Beaches & Dreams, with one of my cousins (how many have I mentioned in this post already? Yikes.) modeling. I ordered this one solely for its name, because once when we were talking about the future, places we would visit etc, we coined this phrase ourselves. So the moment I saw it, I had to have it. And that also explains why it was the first colour she chose, because we’re moving to separate countries soon, and it’s going to be difficult to meet up as often as we’re used to. :( Anyway! So much lengthy explanation for one not-particularly-good photo. :X

Barielle Beaches & Dreams 01

What I had on while she was rocking what she called her tai-tai (or lady of leisure) nails, was Color Club Worth The Risque. (LOVE the name!)

CC Worth The Risque 1

Sorry about the index finger, no idea how I didn’t notice that.

CC Worth The Risque 2

In fact, they’re all kind of horrendously done, eh. Oops.

CC Worth The Risque 3

CC Worth The Risque 4

And this last one taken in full sunlight. At the busstop, for maximum entertainment value for my entire neighbourhood.

All from me for now! Jayme’s off in Japan for 2 weeks, the lucky thing, so I guess it’ll be me holding the fort til she comes back. :)