Yep, a real humdinger of an absence there! Many apologies. I was going to post about how I was going to be on holiday for a month once I got there.. and then realised that China blocked not only Facebook, but WordPress as well. So.. yes. That explains one month of absence, and then I was home for 3 days, which were spent packing like a crazy person, followed by a move across the globe to London. :p

So yes, it’s been a bit hectic, and to be honest I haven’t had nail polish on my tips in about 1.5 months! The travelling also took a major toll on my nails, they started flaking like crazy, and I’ve still got big dents in them where I couldn’t stop myself from peeeeeeling. It’s compulsive.

Anyhow! I have more than 1000 unread posts in my nail polish folder on google reader, which I have been slowly ploughing through. And what with that, househunting, and starting a new job in a new country, posts are likely to be extremely sporadic for a while I’m afraid. Just an (extremely belated) heads up. :)