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opi_russian_navy Accidentally discovered this colour when I was having a cheap manicure ($5!), I really really am fascinated by this colour, and am truly sorry that I haven’t the photography skills to capture the nuances of this colour. It’s a dark blue but with violet shimmer such that the colour changes depending on how the light hits it. Note however that the side effects of wearing this colour includes gazing into your nails unknowingly and being oblivious to the rest of the world :) Not necessarily a bad thing!


So last weekend I caved and decided to ring the local Konad distributor and ask where I could get my hands on my first batch of Konad pretties. I could have ordered it online I suppose but I wanted to be able to look at the plates and take my own sweet time deciding which ones I was going to get!

Finally found them in a tiny little shop in IMM, right at the back, behind the counter! It was like they didn’t really want to sell them or something. Very strange. Anyways, they had a couple of packages, and I chose the biggest one:

  • 4 bottles of Konad special polish
  • 3 plates
  • A set of the stamp and scraper

I was hoping to get the double ended stamp but they didn’t have it. :( So I got all that for S$39.95, or around US$27 or so. I stood there for ages trying to choose which 3 plates I wanted, and the salesgirl was very patient with me, and kept trying things out on my nails. By the time I left I had different colours and stamps on almost every nail, some of them with gold tips, some with blue.. you get the picture.

In the end I settled on one plate with the big, full nail designs (m57), one with tip designs (m45) and one of the small flowery designs (m20). The last one caused me the most trouble, I was choosing between like 5 different plates and I particularly liked one design from each! Too bad you can’t pick and choose and have them make the plates on the spot. :p The first two were pretty easy, I knew I wanted one of the full nail ones from looking at konadicures from the likes of The Nailphile and Scrangie, and I was really looking forward to having a few of the tip ones to try out.

Ended up getting the special polishes in black, white, blue and red. (The salesgirl told me that one woman came in and got all 4 white, because she said she ran out of them so fast!)

I also picked up a few O2 Skin nail polishes, which were on sale this month for S$2 a pop, so I figured I’d try them out.

So here’s the result of my first ever Konad experience!

Konad 1

Pre-cleanup, I’m afraid.

Konad 1_2

It wasn’t all that hard, though I spent a fair while practicing on bits of paper, and cleaning off the plates once I had one hand done was an exercise in patience, for sure.

What was a problem was the base polish. I’ve never really heard of O2 Skin, but although I like the colour, the polish itself was a bit of a disaster. Required 4 coats to be remotely opaque, and was a streaky mess going on. It also took ages to dry, so I put a coat of Seche on, followed by the stamp, then another coat of Seche. Needless to say, there was major tip shrinkage the next day. MAJOR. There were veritable mountain ranges on the sides of each nail, where each layer had seemingly shifted a different amount. I could’ve given a geography lesson on plate tectonics.

The bottle is pretty, but the square top annoyed me, as I’m used to wiping excess polish off on the side of the bottle, then turning the brush around to paint my nails, and having a square top really impeded that. It’s probably just me being inefficient though, when I remembered to swipe the other side of the brush instead, all was well.

I’m still rather pleased with the results, and charmed by the purty floweeers, and have been admiring my hands all day! (And also had them admired, which was gratifying, though the constant refrain has been, “My word you have a lot of time on your hands!” or things to that effect. Heh.)

I’ve received word that my Transdesign haul is now safely in the hands of my cousin, who’s pack-muling it back from the US for me (take that, international shipping charges!), and I’m reaaaally excited!

All for now! :)