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opi_russian_navy Accidentally discovered this colour when I was having a cheap manicure ($5!), I really really am fascinated by this colour, and am truly sorry that I haven’t the photography skills to capture the nuances of this colour. It’s a dark blue but with violet shimmer such that the colour changes depending on how the light hits it. Note however that the side effects of wearing this colour includes gazing into your nails unknowingly and being oblivious to the rest of the world :) Not necessarily a bad thing!


ydnj_greenportWas really deliberating about posting the picture because it came out slightly fuzzy, but the unexpected amazingness of the colour combination just made me want to put it up! To be honest, i did the diagonal greenport stripe only after the brown had some amount of tip wear so that i could drag out my polish longer. it turned out quite alright, and it was able to go for another 3 days!

 Night NailsI did this set of nails as an experiment for my ‘clubbing’ nails which I wanted to do for a night out. I tried a black-on-black (Black Konad Polish on a base of Man Glaze Matt) which seems to be all the rage – but can i just say that i thought of it way back when :p.

I also did a  Black Konad Polish on China Glaze’s Awaken (this is a great polish, especially if you’ve been lusting for OPI’s Earthquake like I have). The effect was amazing, my favourite had to be the black on black, but that was a little too subtle for my camera,  to fully capture. Perhaps if i went without a top coat? HMM!

A preview of the OPI You Don’t Know Jacque matt is on All Lacquered Up and I am super excited!

So the other day I painted Jayme’s nails. We booked our favourite study room in uni (this is not an oxymoron, it has a gorgeous view, and it’s penthouse-like!), kicking out some folk who were actually studying in it in order to do our nails. (At least we could appreciate the view, I suppose, since we weren’t supposed to have our noses buried in books. :p)

The base is a Skin Foods pink, unfortunately they don’t do colour names, it’s a light-medium pink that needed three coats. It’s really pretty though, and sells for S$5.90 (US$4) at Skin Foods stores. Konaded over with Konad special polish in black with the zebra/tiger stripes design from plate m57. Without topcoat because I forgot to bring it. Oops.

They’re not the best photos I’m afraid, taken on the go where the light wasn’t too good.

Zebra Konad 2

Zebra Konad 1

Poised prettily over a Cafe Iguana menu. Mmm, margaritas.

Zebra Konad 3

You can see my konad-ing technique is still a work in progress, there are a number of gaps etc.

And just for fun, one taken with my Blackberry, with the aim of convincing people that I painted this by hand. :D

Zebra konad 4

Yay first post! :)

A quick introduction, we’re 2 girls in Singapore, who in the past month or so have been subject to intense mutual enabling with regard to nail polish, facilitated mostly by some of the amazing nail polish blogs out there. (Mostly added to the blogroll on the sidebar!)

The last month has seen new lemming being born almost every moment, a virtual population explosion, and also seen us loading our relatives coming back from the states with many, many polishes, as well as the beginning of the Konad madness. This blog seemed like a natural offshoot. :p

Lianne started off only being interested in cremes, but has since been drawn into the dark side of shimmers and duochromes. Before this recent haulage, she owned about 10 OPI nail polishes, all in pretty much the same shade of dark red. At the moment she’s attracted to all things blue!

Jayme started off never painting her tips because she did not know that tips could stay perfect for more than 2 days. Until very recently, she did not discover the top coat and was under the impression that base coats were just another avenue for nail polish companies to make an extra buck. She has now repented. Prior to above mentioned haul, Jayme owned zero OPI (except for 1 that was a gift from Lianne – a fantastic I’ve Got The Blues For Red) because paying $26 for a bottle of OPI just seemed insane, no matter how amazing the name of the polish is. At the moment she’s attracted to all things Taupe and would like the entire collection of Rescue Beauty Lounge (I’ll pass the glittery ones to Lianne) kthnxbai!

Okay, that should cover it. We hope you enjoy the posts! :)