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I’ve got a few new photos awaiting upload and cropping etc, but I thought I’d just write a quick note to say that Gosh nail polishes (and perhaps some of their other products, but definitely the nail polish) are going for 3 for 2 at Superdrug at the moment.

Nfu-Oh-wise, Affiniti Nail & Beauty is having a 17.5% off sale til midnight on Monday, UK time. Only valid for orders from the UK and Ireland though, I’m afraid! Details below:

So, this weekend sees the welcome return of the Nailympics in London, and the Affiniti team have a great offer for our UK and Ireland based technicians to celebrate the festival of nails!

We’d like to offer you a HUGE 17.5% off all our products purchased from NOW until midnight on Monday! Yes that’s right – OLD SCHOOL VAT FREE!!

Simply type OLYMPIA into the coupon code box at the checkout and click “apply code” to receive a whopping 17.5% off your order.

I’m very tempted to order a few of the opal polishes, but even with the discount, the polishes and shipping do add up, and they’re out of stock of 2 of the ones I really want. Butbutbut, there’s also the really adorable corset-patterned bottle opener in the same shape as the distinctive Nfu Oh bottles…

Fiscal responsibility is really getting in the way of my polish addiction. :p


While packing for the move, a very important decision was (obviously) what nail polish to bring. The problem here was that I had to fit in basically my entire life (since this particular move is long term), into 20kg, though in the end they let me check in 25kg, thank goodness!

This meant that I couldn’t bring my whole collection, and moreover, I had to choose things with at least a modicum of practicality. :( Work appropriate colours, in particular. Cue many conversations like this:

Jayme: You already have a pink!

Me: *holding the two bottles side by side* This one is differeeeent! Kind of…

Jayme: *takes it away and hides it*

and this:

Jayme: You can’t wear sparkly blue to the office!

Me: *plaintively* On my toes? When I’m on holidayyyyy?


In short, she made me stick to what I said, and I ended up with a very sad, pruned, practical collection. Which is why, last week when I had a one day work function (I only really started work today!), I went with OPI’s Tickle My France-y.

There are no photos.

Mainly because the colour doesn’t suit me at all, and it was BORING. :( I’m sure I’ll take photos of it at some point, because I have a feeling I may be wearing a lot of it. So when I got back from the function, I immediately took it off and painted my tips and toes a bright red, Essie’s Lacquered Up. Such a mood lifter! I chopped all my nails short recently to get rid of all the chippiness* and flakiness, and I think the bright red looks awesome on the short nails.

* not really a word

Seeing as how this blog is called Tips & Toes, and there have been no toes evident so far, there is a foot photo coming up, so if feet squick you out, beware!

Essie Lacquered Up 1

Pre-cleanup I’m afraid. This really stained the skin around my nails, so it was actually quite difficult to clean up without messing up the rest of it.

Essie Lacquered Up 2

This was the first time in years that my fingernails and toenails matched, so I suppose it’s a fitting first foot .. foto. (Yay alliteration!) It was such a vibrant, bright red, it made me happier every time I looked at my nails (i.e. A lot). It was fairly pigmented as well, this was two coats, and I thought about stopping at one on my toes, though granted, this could be because I’m a little short sighted. :p

Anyway, all for now, second day of work up tomorrow, and I have another work appropriate colour on that I shall endeavour to photograph tomorrow morning. :)

Now that, (as of yesterday), I’ve moved into my new place, I’m a bit more settled and organized, and so able to paint my nails, and post! I’m trying to get in a few non-office colours before I start work next week (more on that in a later post), so decided on China Glaze Recycle, konaded with China Glaze Awaken.

Some things so far that are different about applying nail polish here, I’ve noticed a definite change for the better in application, I think it must be because it’s so much cooler here. Related to this, nail polish remover makes my fingers freeeeeze. I’m having to turn the heater on and warm my hands between konads. Isn’t summer supposed to end on the 22nd of September? I’m a bit of a wimp, temperature-wise, admittedly, but I’m cooooold.

Right, photos!

CG Recycle

Recycle on it’s own. I thought it might be too flat a grey for me to love, but it’s not, it’s one of my favourites. :)

CG Recycle + Awaken

Konaded with Awaken, which is amazing for the purpose. So much better than the Konad Silver SP, which was meh, though not as bad as the pink, which was really rubbish. (Broke my heart, because I really wanted it for konading on Recycle, as pink and grey is one of my preferred colour combinations.)

CG Recycle + Awaken 2

Dead on it’s very subtle indeed. But in the sun, Awaken comes into its own.

CG Recycle + Awaken 3

And lastly, my new toy that’s made playing with Konad even more fun:

NP remover dispenser

I love this nail polish remover dispenser, you just press down on the top with cotton wool and it dispenses a little remover. I know it’s hardly necessary, but when you’re trying to be very careful not to smudge wet polish, it’s so much more convenient than fiddling with bottles and caps. :)

Yep, a real humdinger of an absence there! Many apologies. I was going to post about how I was going to be on holiday for a month once I got there.. and then realised that China blocked not only Facebook, but WordPress as well. So.. yes. That explains one month of absence, and then I was home for 3 days, which were spent packing like a crazy person, followed by a move across the globe to London. :p

So yes, it’s been a bit hectic, and to be honest I haven’t had nail polish on my tips in about 1.5 months! The travelling also took a major toll on my nails, they started flaking like crazy, and I’ve still got big dents in them where I couldn’t stop myself from peeeeeeling. It’s compulsive.

Anyhow! I have more than 1000 unread posts in my nail polish folder on google reader, which I have been slowly ploughing through. And what with that, househunting, and starting a new job in a new country, posts are likely to be extremely sporadic for a while I’m afraid. Just an (extremely belated) heads up. :)

opi_russian_navy Accidentally discovered this colour when I was having a cheap manicure ($5!), I really really am fascinated by this colour, and am truly sorry that I haven’t the photography skills to capture the nuances of this colour. It’s a dark blue but with violet shimmer such that the colour changes depending on how the light hits it. Note however that the side effects of wearing this colour includes gazing into your nails unknowingly and being oblivious to the rest of the world :) Not necessarily a bad thing!

First up, thank you Brooke for the link! :)

This is from a few weeks back, using a Skin Food pink, 3 coats, plus Konad white SP using the fishnet stockings design from plate m57.

SF pink + Konad white 4

SF pink + Konad white 3

SF pink + Konad white 1

The pink was closer to the first 2 pictures than the last. :)

Apparently Lianne’s cousin and my sister are both coincidentally on the same flight returning from New York, both with our various hauls of nail polish (Lianne and I have a knack for saying the same thing, thinking the same thing etc so as serendipitous as it sounds, we’re kinda used to it)! I sure hope nothing happens to them as they approach our sunny, overpriced OPI shores.

Lianne and I are looking forward to a day of rolling around in our nail polish loot and will break only for meals and poops. Will keep y’all posted!

Yay first post! :)

A quick introduction, we’re 2 girls in Singapore, who in the past month or so have been subject to intense mutual enabling with regard to nail polish, facilitated mostly by some of the amazing nail polish blogs out there. (Mostly added to the blogroll on the sidebar!)

The last month has seen new lemming being born almost every moment, a virtual population explosion, and also seen us loading our relatives coming back from the states with many, many polishes, as well as the beginning of the Konad madness. This blog seemed like a natural offshoot. :p

Lianne started off only being interested in cremes, but has since been drawn into the dark side of shimmers and duochromes. Before this recent haulage, she owned about 10 OPI nail polishes, all in pretty much the same shade of dark red. At the moment she’s attracted to all things blue!

Jayme started off never painting her tips because she did not know that tips could stay perfect for more than 2 days. Until very recently, she did not discover the top coat and was under the impression that base coats were just another avenue for nail polish companies to make an extra buck. She has now repented. Prior to above mentioned haul, Jayme owned zero OPI (except for 1 that was a gift from Lianne – a fantastic I’ve Got The Blues For Red) because paying $26 for a bottle of OPI just seemed insane, no matter how amazing the name of the polish is. At the moment she’s attracted to all things Taupe and would like the entire collection of Rescue Beauty Lounge (I’ll pass the glittery ones to Lianne) kthnxbai!

Okay, that should cover it. We hope you enjoy the posts! :)